My Story The Ultimate Goal

My Story The Ultimate Goal

by A.J. Richardson

From the cotton field through the battlefields, and pathways with direction given a choice in life, I made the choice to allow God to direct me in all life situations.  Realizing upon his calling and purposes all things are possible and the battle is not mine alone.

A.J. Richardson

Author A.J. Richardson has been through a lot in her life – from being sexually violated at a tender age to marrying young, separating and being a single parent.  Still, she didn’t give up on life.  Instead, she has chosen to turn to God and now she shares a testament of faith in My Story The Ultimate Goal.

Discover how faith in God can give you the strength to overcome whatever obstacle.  See how the author rediscovered her faith and the purpose that God has designed for her.  She allowed Him to be the controller of her life and she’s never been happier.